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Welcome to An American Mom in London!

November 6, 2015

Hi! I’m Heather, an American Mom (ahem…Mum) living in London and missing my beloved sweet tea and sunshine in exchange for umbrellas and espresso. I moved to London in October 2015 with my husband and daughter and we now have a newborn son! I invite you to follow along as we navigate the ups and down of our new life overseas and tons of great information about London.  So why are we here? And why have I decided to share our story with the masses (or more likely, the 3 people that may actually be interested)? Great questions! Let me quickly take you back to 2011 where our story began.

Lived in Raleigh, NC, but wanted to get back to family in Georgia and Alabama. Offered position as VP of Human Resources in Atlanta. Happily packed bags and sold home. Started house hunting in Atlanta and fell in love with house. Stumbled upon big problem – owner was a pain in the arse. Debated whether to buy house. Crap – really loved house. Sucked it up and bought house. Met owner. Liked owner… a LOT. Asked owner out to dinner after we closed on house (Yep. Girl asked Boy). Owner moved back into house a year later. Got engaged 2 months later. Got married 3.5 months later. Got pregnant 2 months later (Yep, newly married couple is old and had to get moving quick). Life priorities shifted. Quit job to stay at home with crazy, beautiful, energetic, happy daughter.

Flash forward to the present – My brilliant attorney husband was offered a General Counsel role here in London and after a short discussion, we made the leap! I’ve decided to chronicle our (mis)adventures to not only keep our family and friends updated but to share the ups and downs of relocating overseas with a little one in tow!

I’m so excited you’re here to follow along! Have any questions? Want me to write about something in particular? Sure thing! Just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to do it! You can email me at  Hope to hear from you!