Weekend Trip to Hampshire, Day Two – Peppa Pig World

April 23, 2016

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After a busy Saturday in Hampshire and then a relaxing adults-only dinner at Hotel Terravina, I was ready to kick off Day Two at Peppa Pig World.  We said several times, “Are you excited about seeing Peppa?!”, even though she obviously didn’t know where we were going.  But she made sure to bring her stuffed Peppa everywhere (even to dinner), so she definitely knew Peppa was somehow involved!  I’d heard great things about Peppa Pig World, which is part of a larger theme park called Paulton’s Park, so I was pretty excited to go. It was predicted to be sunny but cool, so we bundled up and headed out.  We arrived right when they opened at 10 am and there were already plenty of people there.  When I saw all the cool rides, I immediately made a mental note to return when she’s a little older because she has no fear (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…) and she loves amusement rides.  She acted a little bored on the ones that just went slowly in a circle and much preferred the fast, spinning ones or the ones that went high into the air. She was a couple inches too short for most of the rides in the main amusement park but this is why Peppa Pig World is so great – everything is geared towards kids around 1-6 years old, so we could go on any ride we wanted.  In addition to the rides, they had indoor and outdoor play spaces, restaurants, replicas of the houses from the show, games and more.

We started with Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip and while it was fun, the toddler clearly needed more action.  We moved on to Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride. Ahh, yes.  Spinning around high in the air elicited some excited shrieks.  Now we’re really having fun!

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This is right as we were taking off.  Clearly, the number one rule is to never forget about the little people down below.  “Helllooo down there!”


We were hoping to go on Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, but the lines started backing up and our sweet daughter has not yet learned the rules of queuing.  On the bright side, she didn’t know what she was missing, so we moved on to Peppa’s house where an animated Peppa and her family were enjoying a breakfast of pancakes.

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Next we stopped to play at Mr. Potato’s Playground.  They had swings, slides and various other play equipment.  They even had muddy puddles to jump in like Peppa, but this was gated off.  It’s filled with water fountains where you can dance around, so I assume it’ll open when it gets a little warmer.

IMG_6269 IMG_6268IMG_6270 IMG_6249After she accidentally walked into the back of a moving swing, we had a mini meltdown and took her inside to calm down. Luckily, the inside area had a huge play area as well.  It was George’s Spaceship Playzone. As soon as she saw all the tunnels, slides and ball pits, she was ready to play again!

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We couldn’t resist climbing up through the multiple tunnels and going down the big green slide.  But I wasn’t expecting to go airborne on the second bump!


We’ve been at the park a couple hours now so we stop for lunch at one of the many food stands.  We can also tell the little one is getting tired, so after we eat, we start slowly making our way out of the park.  She loves carousels, so we had to take advantage of this beautiful, two story carousel in the main area of Paulton’s Park.  It was reminiscent of a true old-fashioned carousel.  After sitting on two different horses, she still wasn’t satisfied with her selection.  I could tell the ride was about to start so she had to settle for the less exciting bench!

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We also stopped to ride the teacups (twice!) since it’s one of her favourites.   You can make your own teacup spin really fast on top of the ride turning in circles and she shrieks and giggles the whole time.  We also rode a mini-train through the entire park which allowed us to see more of what the park had to offer.  I was a little sad that I didn’t get to ride at least one “grown-up” ride because I love amusement parks too! Our last stop was at the gift shop, which was filled with Peppa-related stuff and we had to oblige by buying some goodies to bring home.


As we were packing the buggy into the car and I was holding the little one, I felt her entire body relax on me.  Poor thing had already gone to sleep.  She didn’t even wake up when I strapped her into the car seat.  Sleeping baby = quiet 1.5 hour drive home.  And that, my friends, is a successful weekend trip.


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