Getting Internet in London

January 26, 2016

Who knew getting phone and internet would be so. dang. difficult. You can order phone, internet and tv from the same company, so we went that route because it seems logical, right? We moved into our new place on December 5th.  The order was placed about a week or so prior to that date.  TV was installed within a few days of moving in.  Perfect.  Internet and phone is outsourced to British Telecom, who outsources to another company.  The earliest they could come out was December 17th. Then we found out we had to fly to Luxembourg for my husband’s holiday party on that day, so we needed to reschedule.  The new date was December 31st because we were going to be in the US from the 19th through the 30th.  We ended up staying in the US longer than expected, so we rescheduled yet again.  New date was January 14th.  Yay! We’re FINALLY going to get internet!! As a side note, our place is not pre-wired for phone or internet.  It was completely renovated about 6 months ago and the contractor didn’t put it in and the tenants that lived here right after the remodel didn’t have phone, tv or internet…weird, right??  So, anyway, the technician comes out and can’t find the lines.  See, here’s where it gets tricky. They don’t just have lines running in an orderly fashion and you simply splice it and voila – you’re in business.  They are haphazardly placed which leads to wires being run across the front of some houses, on the roof, draped across the street, etc. They even have cut off lines, like the one wrapped in a circle at the end of the pipe in the first picture.

IMG_8438 IMG_8437 IMG_8436

So this guy is looking on top of the houses and buildings around us and can’t find it.  Then he goes out the back and finds a line but it’s been cut (presumably during the reno).  He said he can either drill a hole through our back wall and run it across the floor, over the doors, etc. to get it into the living area or he can throw it over the roof and run it across and down into the front of the house (our preference).  But since they are doing construction on the house behind us, there is scaffolding covering the back of our place so, unfortunately, he can’t access the roof from the back side so it’s not an option.  I told him I’d have to speak with my husband and the landlord about running cable all through the back of the house.  I call my husband and in the meantime, he gets out his ladder and starts looking on the tops of the buildings in case he missed a cable out front.  As he’s doing this, one of my neighbors comes outside and starts screaming at him.  He’s telling him that he isn’t allowed to put his ladder against someone’s house without written permission to do so.  and it’s not even his that neighbour’s house. The neighbor keeps asking the technician his name and the technician refuses to tell him.  The neighbor said he’s going to call the police if he “doesn’t get down immediately”! Ok, ok.  Can we all calm down a little here? Momma just needs her internet, ok? I’m inside the door with it cracked just enough to be able to hear what’s going on and spy a little.  Do I go out there and ask the neighbor what’s going on to try to defuse the situation? Do I hang out inside and pretend I have no idea about the debacle going on outside my door? I chose the second option (don’t judge).  A few minutes later, the technician comes inside and says he found the line (yay!) but he can’t concentrate because the neighbor started yelling at him and since it’s going to be dark soon (it was about 4:15 and it gets dark by 4:30), he wouldn’t be able to finish the job.  Um…ok? What now? I have to schedule ANOTHER appointment? Great.  Next appointment was scheduled for yesterday, January 25th.  But we should be good – we explained the situation to the company and told them where the line was and that they should be prepared because the neighbour may be home and may yell again.  So just do what you need to do.  I can’t wait! It’s like Christmas Day! The new technician comes out and I pointed out the line that the last tech found.  “Oh, no, no, no.  I can’t pull from that line.  We’re not allowed to go on the roof without written permission.  You’re going to have to talk to this landlord and this landlord and get written permission before I can run the line”.  Seriously, dude? Sigh. “Ok, so if I get permission from these two owners, then you can come back and install the line?” “Oh, no. Not us.  We’re not allowed to get on the roof at all.  Once you have the written permission, you’ll have to get a professional contractor to run the line.”  Wait…what? Are you kidding me right now? First of all, if your job is to PULL CABLE that typically runs FROM THE ROOF, why in the world can you not get ON said roof?  Second of all, why are you telling me something completely different from the last technician? Ok, fine. I just waved him off because I could tell he simply didn’t want to deal with it.  And sadly, there was nothing I could do.  He was here all of five minutes.   I called my husband, practically in tears from frustration.  My awesome hubby got on the phone with the tv company for the fifth time and explained what was going on.  We can only go through them since it’s a package deal, but they can’t really help us because it’s not their lines.  So they have someone “working on it”.  In the meantime, he ordered some type of 4G interior hub that runs off the cell signal and had it delivered TODAY.  It’s a little spotty and the signal isn’t great, but it works! Woo-hoo! I finally can use my computer again! But…the internet saga continues….



  • Reply Carrie January 26, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Sounds like a script for a movie. I’ll hold my tongue next time I complain about my cable company.

  • Reply Laura January 26, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    That sounds ridiculous! I would be livid, just like I’m sure you are. Let’s see some pictures from your house – it looks beautiful on facebook 🙂 Hope you are doing great otherwise. Madison is a baby doll!

    xoxo, Laura

    • Reply americanmom February 5, 2016 at 10:07 pm

      Pictures coming soon! We started with a blank slate and had to buy all new furniture so it’s finally starting to feel like a real home!

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