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November 28, 2015

It’s been several months since she turned one, but with the craziness of selling the house, packing and moving, I’m a little behind!  I was so excited to plan her birthday and while it was a ton of work, I loved the way it turned out.  The theme was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with a color scheme of hot pink, light pink, gold and mint. It was the perfect girly party for our sweet little one. And before I forget, I have to give a HUGE thank you to Janet Howard of Janet Howard Studio for these pictures.  She’s been our photographer for every life event since we got engaged and we’re sad to not have her in London!

MadisonParty-024 MadisonParty-023

I started working on her party a few months before her birthday and scoured the sale racks at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Target, TJMaxx, Party City, Homegoods, etc. and scored some great deals.  It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do! I loved the end result of the fans in the window.  It was a great backdrop for the dessert table which included homemade desserts as well as the centrepiece cake, a smash cake and a candy bar.  But I completely forgot to set out the take home bags for the candy bar and didn’t realize it until after almost all the guests had left!

MadisonParty-034 MadisonParty-039 MadisonParty-038 MadisonParty-026

Overall, my favorite item was the handmade pallet to display her monthly photos! I got the pallet from my yard guy and after a good cleaning, I spray painted it mint.  I found the letters at Hobby Lobby and was able to get a good deal using a coupon.  I added star-printed ribbon and finished it off with pompoms made from tulle. Then I used miniature pink clothespins to attach her pictures.  And viola – centerpiece!

MadisonParty-004 MadisonParty-013 MadisonParty-014

Because we were planning to have so many kids, I wanted the food to be adult and kid friendly, but tie in with the “Twinkle Twinkle” theme.  We had chicken salad croissants, star-shaped pb&j and pimento cheese sandwiches, star-shaped fruit “wands” and plenty of fun snacks.  We also had champagne punch (an easy and delicious recipe), beer, pink lemonade and a tub full of fruit juices, waters, and sodas.

MadisonParty-015 MadisonParty-017

MadisonParty-051 MadisonParty-047

We also wanted to keep the kids entertained while the adults socialized, so we added a ball pit, bubbles, silly string, frisbees and hula hoops outside.  It was a hit – even with Gigi!

MadisonParty-325 MadisonParty-148MadisonParty-198 MadisonParty-099

Since I knew the guests would likely be in the entire downstairs area, I wanted to make sure there were party elements in each room. We also asked our guests to sign Dr. Suess’ “Happy Birthday to You” as a keepsake.

MadisonParty-056 MadisonParty-063  MadisonParty-019 (1) MadisonParty-083MadisonParty-058 MadisonParty-028 (1) MadisonParty-104 MadisonParty-079

Time for CAKE! Everyone warned me that the Munchkin might cry when we all started singing “Happy Birthday”.  Nope – not my child.  She smiled, bobbed her head from side to side and clapped! And then she devoured some cake. Gotta love her.

MadisonParty-211 MadisonParty-203 MadisonParty-213

MadisonParty-259 MadisonParty-282 MadisonParty-269

I found M’s tutu and crown at Swoozie’s and it was a perfect compliment to the party colors.  Then I bought a plain white onesie and some gold iron-on fabric and created her star onesie.

MadisonParty-165 MadisonParty-155 MadisonParty-006 MadisonParty-154

After at least 30 minutes of herding cats, we were able to get some great family shots.

MadisonParty-345 MadisonParty-355 MadisonParty-364 MadisonParty-350

Prior to the birthday party, Janet also did a family photo shoot at a restaurant called Canoe, the same place where Trevor and I had our engagement photos.  It was such a great experience to go back with our daughter! They have an amazing bridge which turned out to be the perfect backdrop for the cake shoot! I absolutely adore these photos.

MadisonOne-010 MadisonOne-021 MadisonOne-034 MadisonOne-041 MadisonOne-049 MadisonOne-114 MadisonOne-131 MadisonOne-141 MadisonOne-151 MadisonOne-170 MadisonOne-185 MadisonOne-221 MadisonOne-236 MadisonOne-241 MadisonOne-271

Let me know what you think! And if you have any questions about the items used at her birthday, just contact me!

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