November 12, 2015

We’d only been in London for 4 days, but we were determined to take the Munchkin trick-or-treating.  Three reasons (in order of importance) – (1) Momma likes candy.  (2) I thought it would be a great way to learn a little more about London traditions.  (3) She’s walking, so it doesn’t look as weird when I just carry her up to the door and whisper treat-or-treat pretending she said it (reference reason one).  I googled “Halloween in London” (because really – isn’t that how we all get our info these days?) and it seemed like there were a lot of Halloween-related events.  Awesome! I tried on the three different costumes we brought for the little one (thank goodness for nieces and hand-me-downs!) and it was a tough call.  That’s a lot of cuteness right there. Yeah, yeah.  I’m not biased.

IMG_7420 IMG_7414 IMG_7409

We settled on the piggy.  Costumecheck!  Come Halloween day, we didn’t see anyone dressed up.  Now I know that not everyone dresses up during the day, but maybe this wasn’t as popular as we thought.  I started getting concerned that I would have to actually buy my candy instead of using my cute daughter as bait.  So I checked with my good friend Google who said that it’s still in the beginning stages but becoming more popular as the expat population continues to grow.  So we had to get the inside scoop from the locals (i.e. Trevor’s coworkers) about places where we could actually go trick-or-treating.  Score! Even though the Munchkin had no idea what she was doing, it was still precious to watch her try and figure out what was going on!

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But seriously – next year she’s going to have to step up her game.  I was counting on her reaching in and grabbing handfuls of candy while I just laughed and shrugged (un)apologetically.  My child, who is affectionately called “the sibling of Dennis the Menace”, decides to use this opportunity to smile and stand completely still while Mommy daintily grabbed a single piece of candy.  I realized it was a lost cause after 4 houses.  So you know how many pieces of candy I got?? Three! Ok, four – but I had to give the Munchkin one for her efforts.  Do you think I’m that greedy?

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